Rastreador web personalizado de Octoparse: Octoparse te ayuda a crear extractores web

Last updated: Dec. 21, 2016 


1) We guarantee that you are successful in getting all the public data on the websites you request. We deliver the crawlers, instead of the output data. About output data, please contact sales for data collection service.

2) Crawlers run in Octoparse are determined by the scraping tasks configured. One crawler equals to One scraping task. We will deliver the crawlers in .otd file, i.e. Octoparse file. After purchased, crawlers should be run in Octoparse.

3) If the crawlers are used for scraping websites that have anti-scraping or anti-bot measures, we will be not responsible for any consequences caused such as missing data or IP blacklisted whatsoever.

4) Usually one crawler will scrape one website. For complex websites, it may need more than 1 crawlers for the complete scraping project.

5) In some cases, cloud servers is involved in the scraping process so you might need to use a Standard or Professional Octoparse account.

6) Octoparse Billing & Payments










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